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My life, my life, my life, in the Sunshine!” Roy Ayer’s lyrics capture’s the perfect snapshot for California Native, Gabrielle “Bova” Wilson. Born in Pasadena to well known producer/song- writer Frank Wilson, and author/speaker Bunny Wilson, Bova’s bend toward writing and producing music seemed like a natural progression. But it was when she began piano lessons at 3 years old, singing and composing songs at age 4, that her path became certain. 


Graduating from the world famous Scratch Academy founded by the late Jam Master J. in 2014, Gabrielle became known by most as DJ named “Bova”, a shout-out to her German roots with the word Bova meaning illustrious. Growing restless with the lackluster party scene in Los Angeles, Wilson determined that if the party doesn’t inspire you to get up, stay up and say “Ayyy that’s my song” over and over again, then the DJ is doing something wrong. 


With a love for music ranging from hip- hop to world and everything in between, Bova’s passion has translated to hundreds of sets all over the world. Her number one goal is to connect with her audience. Getting to know where people are from, how old they are and what they like, are just a few of the games she likes to play from the DJ booth. From a tour with Grammy Award winning artist Estelle, to being the official DJ for Uncle Nearest, the #1 Whiskey Brand in the world 3 years running, it’s clear that Wilson’s gift has made room for her. Some of her re-occurring clients include, Nike, Complex, Red-Bull, Amazon, Sony Pictures, N.B.A, Budweiser, FOX, B.E.T and Essence fest. 


In an effort to give back to the community that has embraced her, Gabrielle founded The Artist Influence, a coaching company known for “Vocal Therapy”, which is a process that assesses how trauma shows up in the body when people sing. It is artist development re-imagined for the empowerment, health and longevity of the creative individuals that make the art & music that we love.


Wilson resides in Los Angeles, California where she spends much of her time trying new foods with her family and laying out in the sun. Of course.


Clients Include:


Artistry Worldwide

BET (Black Entertainment Television) 

Beats to Beat Breast Cancer 

Budweiser Live

The Convention Center (Los Angeles)

The Curtain London



The Exchange


Everyday People

FOX Studios

FOX Noir

Gym Shark 

Jordan Brand

Kiss n’ Grind with Vikter Duplaix 

Kid’s in the Spotlight 


Langston Galloway Foundation


Microsoft Theater





The Room in Hollywood

The Staples Center

SLS Hotels & Starwood Resort Properties


Sony Pictures 

Soho House

Tao Group 


Toca Madera

Union Nightclub 


40/40 Night Club 


Celebrity/Private events  + More



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bova logo deeper Hue  2.png

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